Choosing the Right Tablet: Everything You Need to Know

Find the right tablet for your needs with comprigo's in-the-know guide on tablets, operating systems and other important decision-making factors.

Choosing the Right Tablet: Everything You Need to Know

Tablets were once the pricey toys of gadget lovers, but they're now popular items in many households. Whether you want one for leisure or work, these portable electronic devices serve a variety of different purposes.

To get the most out of your next tablet, invest time into choosing the right one for your needs. Look for a product with plenty of storage (otherwise known as RAM), decent battery life and a high-resolution screen. Prices for tablets vary from as little as £50 to more than £600, so it's worth considering which devices are too simple or too complex for your needs.

What Do You Need Your Tablet For?

Before you start looking, think about what you need the tablet for. Are you looking for a device to browse the web, play games, access social media and watch movies on? Or do you want a tablet you can use for work? If you want one that can manage documents or run demanding apps, for instance, go for a pricier model with a faster processor and larger RAM.

Most importantly, consider whether a tablet is actually the right device for your needs. Many people prefer laptops to work on as tablets generally have poor typing capabilities, so writing anything substantial is usually a lengthy process. When it comes to leisure, however, tablets are an easy form of entertainment and allow you to play apps and watch movies or TV shows with ease when on the go.

Which Operating System Do You Want to Use?

Apple has historically dominated the tablet market with their iPad models and the iOS operating system which comes in tow, although Android and Microsoft’s operating systems both feature on many other devices. Operating systems are made to suit different users and all have their own set of selling points.

Apple (iOS) – iPhone users will feel instantly at home with an iPad. When it comes down to it, the only noticeable difference between an iPad and iPhone is size. They’re extremely user-friendly and the countless downloadable games and apps are a great option for entertaining children.

Android – Android operating systems can be found on tablets made by the likes of Samsung, Amazon and Lenovo. The system allows users to easily customise and adapt the operating system, altering features like notifications, icons and much more.

Microsoft (Windows 10) – Microsoft offers a more business-friendly operating system which will be familiar to most commuter literate people. You can access renowned Microsoft programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This can be very useful for remote or mobile workers, particularly when used with a portable keyboard.

How Long a Battery Life Do You Need?

Battery life is potentially one of the most important factors to consider when buying a tablet. If you’re going to use one for prolonged periods without charging, buy a high-end model with at least 10 hours of battery life. This isn’t such an issue if you’re planning on using your tablet around the house, though, as you’ll be able to plug in and charge it during use.

Remember – a battery's life generally shortens as it gets older. Look into getting a tablet with a top-quality battery, however, and you’ll be able to get more use from it than you would from a lesser product.

What Size of Tablet Would You Like?

People typically like tablets because they are smaller and lighter than a laptop, making them ideal for transportation. Tablets can vary between 6 inches in size to a little over 18 inches, but most fall within the 7-to-10-inch range. If portability is an issue, choose a smaller tablet, as anything over 10 inches becomes too bulky to carry with ease.