The Classic Camel Coat: A Winter Fashion Staple

Of course, new and recycled fashion trends are always bound to fluctuate in popularity. But there will always be classics that never go out of fashion. A perfect example is the camel coat, which comes in a variety of styles this season.

The Classic Camel Coat: A Winter Fashion Staple

Here’s a comprigo toast to the winter fashion staple that never let us down: the camel coat - a coat that immediately gives you a feeling of security. It fits to every look, can be styled elegantly, sporty or sexy. It is available for every figure, either affordable or expensive. Best of all, it can be worn for multiple seasons and many years to come since beige is bound to be a standard colour in any fashion wardrobe in any decade.

Winter Must Haves

The camel colour works from head to toe. A winter coat in the colour camel is, therefore, a perfect long-term investment. In winter, a coat becomes the most important piece of clothing, since it’s often the only piece of clothing that others will see. Your winter coat will always create a first impression. Here are some of our favourite styles and coats:


Combine hoodies, jeans, sneakers and brightly coloured knit accessories with these coats to create a casual street style look. This is not only super comfortable but immediately gives off a self-confident, down-to-earth aura.

Winter Trench Coat - De la Crème

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A great wool coat at a reasonable price! Due to the hood and the long walking slit in the back, it is especially suitable for winter pantsuits. Best of all, this coat is available from sizes 10 to 26. The midi length and the slightly flared cut are really suitable for every figure. 

Material: 75% wool, 20% polyester, 5% cashmere 

Price range: Medium

Extra/special feature: Detachable hood


If you choose a waisted coat with belt, make sure that the material is not too voluminous. This variant is most likely to remind you of a trench coat or a dressing gown, which is easy to throw on quickly and go out the door. A perfect companion in the evening: for both chic dresses as well as a casual look.

Wool Trench Coat - Jsix

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The only thing you have to do here is get dressed and snuggle in! The fluffy material and the comfortable "dressing gown" cut make this beige coat a favourite: you won't want to take it off anymore. Create a super elegant style and pair it with an evening dress.

Material: 93.1% wool, 6.9 % cashmere 

Price range: High 

Special Feature: Large, patch pockets


In this case, the little details make up the look: buttons, stand-up collars, piped pockets, shoulder and sleeve straps define this style! Or combine these coats with romantic patterns and pastel colours, such as light blue and mint. Or classic with black and dark blue. Accessories in gold are great for this look, too.

Women's Coat - ESPRIT

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This double-breasted look is a good choice, especially for small women. If you feel rather lost in long coats, you can try out many styling variations with this short coat. The utility details, such as sleeve and waistlines, give off a strong look. 

Material: 63% wool, 37% polyester 

Price Range: Medium 

Special Feature: Detachable hood

Women's Ciastral Coat - Cinque

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The striking, very straight yet figure-hugging cut is ideal for the military look. The combination is also important here - this style is emphasised with jeans, boots and a messenger bag. But this style can also be turned on its head with sparkling earrings, colourful scarf and a mini bag. Both work wonderfully, depending on your mood! 

Material: 70% virgin wool, 20% polyamide, 10% cashmere 

Price Range: High

Special Feature: Hidden zipper and removable fur collar


Marylin Monroe wore a double-row camel coat with lapel collar. The elegance of this coat has not changed. The more low-key and classic, the more styling possibilities a coat offers. For cold winter days, a wool coat that reaches at least to the middle of the calf is recommended.

Doublebreasted Coat - Sisley

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The lapel collar on this coat is accentuated with 2 buttons. The coat has a rather narrow cut, so it is not necessarily suitable for combinations with thick wool sweaters. Dresses, suits and thin cashmere sweaters with jeans are the right styling partners for a noble look.

Material: 50% wool, 50% polyester 

Price Range: Medium 

Special Feature: Back belt with buttons


As already mentioned, a camel coat really suits every body type! But of course, the cut should suit the figure. People with a curvier body type might feel more comfortable in a coat which accommodates to their figure. Besides, feeling comfortable is an essential part of feeling confident.

Women's Coat - Ulla Popken

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Closed, the coat has a slightly asymmetrical look, which elongates the body line. The lapel collar is not applied and the wool-like material keeps you warm without being too bulky. The coat has a simple elegance and can be combined with bright colours. 

Material: 82% Polyester, 10% Polyacryl, 5% Wool, 3% Viscose 

Price Range: Medium 

Special Feature: Size 42 to 62

Teddy Coats

The look is entering its second season and looks even more cuddly than the classic. But if you’d like to avoid looking bulky like an actual teddy bear, try to pair this look with a slimming pair of jeans and sleek boots. In any case, this is a great alternative to real fur.

Women's Tabby Fake Coat - Herrlicher

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If you’re looking for a toasty winter coat, then you’re in the right place. The extra-wide cut coat made of teddy fleece combines two trends: over-sized and faux fur. 

Material: 100% polyester 

Price Range: Medium 

Special Feature: Concealed hook fasteners