7 Essential Smartphone Apps You Need in 2018

Get acquainted with essential smartphone apps – from weather forecasters to workout guides – you need to help get the most out of your device.

7 Essential Smartphone Apps You Need in 2018

Today, around 2.5 billion people own a smartphone. Many of us can’t imagine living without one. After all, how would we instantly answer emails, see where our friends are, or even listen to music? Whether you’re after a tool that can help you get back to nature, work out in your living room, or simply get in touch with friends, here are the essential smartphone apps you need in 2018.

1) PlantSnap Plant Identification (iOS & Android)

PlantSnap App-logo

A must for nature lovers, PlantSnap (for Android and iOS) identifies flowers, trees, mushrooms or cacti in an instant. Simply take a photo using the app and instantly learn which species you have snapped. It uses a robust database of 316,000 plant types from across the world to help provide the right answer.

We’re always looking for more ways to spend time outside and PlantSnap is a great way to do so, helping you to reconnect with nature. Not only that, it’s always fun to add a competitive element to plant identifying. Why not challenge your friends to see who can uncover the most amount of species?

2) Dark Sky Weather (iOS & Android)

Dark Sky Weather App-logo

Dark Sky Weather (for Android and iOS) is another must-have app if you’re into spending time outdoors. It tells you exactly when it will rain (or snow) so you can go for a jog, cycle your bike or even walk the dog without worrying about the weather.

Get up-to-date forecasts for the coming hour or hourly forecasts for the next day or week, allowing you to plan activities while keeping one eye on nature’s elements. On a side note, if you’re into animations, you’ll love the beautiful visuals on Dark Sky Weather.

3) Google Maps (iOS & Android)

Google Maps App-logo

Long gone are the days of relying on an atlas or local road directory to get from a to b – now you can access perhaps the world’s best collection of maps and transport data at the tip of your fingertips. Google Maps (for Android and iOS) lets you input a starting point and end destination, then provides you with a selection of routes as to how to get there, including up any available transport options and giving you estimated journey times.

No matter whether you’re looking to get across town or across a continent, Google Maps helps to simplify potential journeys into routes and stages which work for you.

4) Wunderlist (iOS & Android)

Wunderlist App-logo

Keeping up with day-to-day tasks can be challenging. Our lives can get hectic and it’s all too easy to lose track of what’s on your radar. Wunderlist (for Android and iOS), made by Microsoft, helps users consolidate all their daily to-dos within one app, helping you to organise everything from a family holiday to the different stages of a work project. Set reminders and due dates to help keep tasks at the forefront of your mind and collaborate with friends, family and colleagues who are also on the app.

5) Heads Up! (iOS & Android)

Heads Up App-logo

It’s always fun to have at least one game on your smartphone. One of our favourites is Heads Up! (for Android and iOS) and we’re not alone. Created by Ellen DeGeneres, the game has gone onto receive praise from the likes of the New York Times and is a hilarious way to pass time with friends and family.

On top of that, it’s easy to play. You simply hold a card (on your phone screen) up to your forehead and must guess the word shown on the phone screen based on hints from your friends before the clock runs out. Cosmopolitan calls it “the best dollar you’ve spent” and we wholeheartedly agree.

6) 7 Minute Workout (iOS & Android)

7 Minute Workout App-logo

Physical activity has so many benefits, yet many of us still struggle to find time to exercise. The 7 Minute Workout App (for Android and iOS) solves this issue with tailor-made workout routines to help you to lose weight and improve fitness. You don’t need any equipment and can do the workouts almost anywhere, providing you have space.

There’s only one catch – you’ll need to complete all the exercises with very little rest in between sets, creating what is known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Motivate yourself through the sessions with thoughts of delicious (but wholly nutritious) grub, grab a towel and let’s work up a sweat!

7) WhatsApp (iOS & Android)

WhatsApp App-logo

TechCrunch reports that over 1.5 billion people now use WhatsApp (for Android and iOS). This app uses Wi-Fi or mobile data to send SMS and make phone or video calls, so getting in contact with friends has never been easier. Thanks to it, there’s no need to worry about racking up excessive bills from making international calls. You can make group chats to talk to several friends at once, so staying connected to loved ones both near and far is easy. We really love WhatsApp and couldn’t imagine not using it daily!