Garden Furniture Guide: 10 Things Every Terrace Needs

Check out our garden furniture guide, featuring hammocks, tables and chairs, and make your garden the best looking one on the block.

Garden Furniture Guide: 10 Things Every Terrace Needs

When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, there’s no better way to pass the time than a few hours in the garden. To really get the most out of the hotter months, it’s well worth buying a good selection of furniture and accessories to help you chill out in your garden in style. Get ready to get inspired with our essential outdoor furniture guide.

1) Hammock or Hammock Chair

Hammock Chair

Imagine yourself stretched out on a hammock while reading your favourite book and drinking a cold glass of lemonade (or even better, a chilled bottle of beer) – sounds good, huh? Not only are hammocks the ultimate way to relax, they’re also easily transportable, so you can move it around as you please. If you don’t have the perfect set-up for a hammock (such as two nearby trees), consider getting one with a stand.

2) Garden Bench

Garden Bench

Whether for decorative or more practical purposes, garden benches help to spruce up any garden. With their elegant designs, they are fashionable and also mean you don’t need to sit on dewy grass after a hard day’s gardening!

3) Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Even when you can’t be outside, having a bird feeder helps to support local bird populations. Become an expert bird watcher and try to see how many different species you can identify, or simply watch as they fly in and out. Consider purchasing a squirrel-proof bird feeder, though, otherwise, you risk pesky squirrels eating all the feed!

4) Herb Box


From seasoned summer dishes to Sunday roasts, fresh herbs can enhance the tastes of so many meals. They offer a more distinctive flavour than store-bought or dried herbs and help to add a touch of green to your terrace. As herb boxes are available in a vast range of sizes, you can easily choose the best one for your space. If you’re serious about growing herbs, though, we’d recommend bringing the boxes inside before the weather gets colder, as herbs can be sensitive to frost.

5) Garden Table & Chairs

Garden Table & Chairs

Garden tables and chairs are an essential backyard furniture item. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine or a chargrilled hamburger, al fresco dining is made all the better with a good set of garden table and chairs. On top of that, they’re often available in a wide range of styles, made from materials such as rattan, wicker, mesh, metal and wood. Make the most of sunny days and invest in one which really jazzes up your patio.

6) Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Recreate childhood camping memories with a garden fire pit. Warm up with a hot cup of coffee and tell ghost stories while the embers glow in the dark, or cook marshmallows with the kids while the sun goes down. Garden fire pits are also designed to protect your grass from fire damage and some even include features for cooking food over the coals.

7) Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

There’s a reason why any decent Italian restaurant has a wood-fired oven – pizza tastes best when it’s cooked this way! For a family activity that kids of all ages will enjoy, try making some from scratch. Wait for the pizza to cook while sat outdoors next to the oven, before enjoying a well-earned slice while looking out onto your garden!

8) Shade Sail

Shade Sail

Remembering to make sure everyone is wearing enough sunscreen can be tricky, but with a shade sail, you won’t need to worry about protecting loved ones from the sun (providing they’re covered by it, of course). These sails provide much-needed relief from extreme summer temperatures, allowing you to comfortably spend all day outside.

9) Flower Planters

Flower Planters

Even the smallest space needs a dash of colour. Flower planters come in all sizes, shapes and styles so you can choose one that suits you. Remember – you can buy already bloomed flowers, all you need to do is add some dirt and pop them into the planters. This is a simple, yet effective way of dressing up any garden or terrace.

10) Barbeque


An al fresco meal would be incomplete without a barbeque. Whether you’re eating alone or with a group of friends, barbecuing is a quick and easy way to make a tasty meal. Try grilling hamburgers, veggie kebabs, cheese, fish or whatever else takes your fancy – almost everything tastes amazing when cooked this way. The brave-hearted can use barbeques year-round, with some people even using them in the snow!