5 Great Gift Ideas for Friends: A Girl's Guide

Get inspired with our gift ideas for friends, covering everything from unicorn-themed presents to aromatic candles made to scent up any room.

5 Great Gift Ideas for Friends: A Girl's Guide

Buying gifts for friends can be difficult. You want to get them something special – something which symbolises your relationship – but also something which you know they’ll love. If you’re shopping around for a present for a girl, whether they’re into fairytale animals or baking cakes, look no further than our expert’s guide on the best gift ideas for friends.

1) Unicorn-Themed Presents

girl holding a pink unicorn

When it comes to giftware, it’s hard to go wrong with unicorn-themed presents. The options are seemingly endless, from cuddly toy unicorns to mugs, figurines and lunch boxes. These magical gifts are generally suited to younger children aged between two and ten, although a unicorn-themed gift is usually enough to bring out any girl’s inner child.

2) Candles

colourful candles

Candles are a simple but effective way to decorate any room. They’re available in a vast range of scents, too, with vanilla, mango, lavender and raspberry variations being particularly popular. Do a little research to find out what your friend likes, then get them an aromatic candle to suit them. As well as making a room smell nice, candles are also incredibly calming, helping them to appeal widely across the board.

Make sure you don’t get a candle for anyone who is too young, though, as, despite all their relaxing benefits, they can be a fire risk and should always be handled carefully.

3) Books

woman in blue denim jeans reading a book

In our opinion, books are nearly always a great gift idea. Get your friend one of your own personal favourites or choose something more tailored to their interests. Try selecting a book based on her hobbies – if she’s an avid traveller, a Lonely Planet travel guide would be an ideal choice. Alternatively, if she’s a keen chef, opt for a celebrity chef cookbook! Make sure to write a nice message inside the book so she’ll always remember who gave it to her and when.

4) Photo Frames

brown photo frame on a white surface

Photo frames are a fantastic way to remember fun memories and celebrate your friendship. When choosing a frame, we recommend matching it with her existing decor. If her room is decorated in pink and white, for instance, then go for a white frame. Otherwise, a plain black frame is always a safe option. Once you find the perfect frame, include your favourite photo of the two of you – it’ll make the picture frame a gift she’ll treasure for years to come.

5) Friendship Bracelets

friends holding hands with bracelets

Friendship bracelets are an easy, thoughtful way to show that you care. Not only that, they make for a stylish, quirky alternative to more traditional jewellery (and they tend to be a lot less expensive, too!). For an extra special touch, purchase a matching one for yourself. They’re also an easy gift to make at home, so look into friendship bracelet making sets if you fancy giving it even more of a personal touch.