How To Get The Best Streaming TV Services

Get the latest in top TV entertainment – read our streaming services buyer guide to learn about TV streaming options and their pros & cons.

How To Get The Best Streaming TV Services

Today’s digital world makes it so easy to watch your favourite movies and TV programs at the click of a button. You can now access thousands of TV shows and movies online and streaming services make this all possible. While you could download illegally pirated movies or TV, we always recommend paying for a TV streaming service, like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Our buyer’s guide explains all the different options, so you know how to get the best streaming TV services.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are two of the most well-known TV streaming service providers. But are they really worth the money? And what exactly do users get with their subscriptions? We’ve delved deep into the world of streaming to give you all the answers you need.


With a Netflix subscription, you get unlimited access to thousands of different films and TV shows. Netflix’s offerings vary by country, so you’ll be able to watch different shows in the UK than you could in mainland Europe or America. The Walking Dead, for instance, isn’t currently available for UK users but is for American users.

Netflix also produces lots of original TV shows and movies, a lot of which are very highly rated. We really enjoy Netflix originals like Black Mirror, House of Cards, Narcos and Making a Murderer. As original content, these shows aren’t available on TV channels or other streaming services.

This streaming service also works on smart TVs, many even come with a handy Netflix button on the remote! A smart TV connects to Wi-Fi, so you can access your Netflix account without having to hook up to a computer, so this is a brilliant feature for frequent TV or movie watchers.

If you’re tempted to try Netflix, they offer a FREE one-month trial.

£5.99 basic or £9.99 premium access

Amazon Prime

You don’t have to subscribe to Amazon Prime to occasionally rent movies or watch TV shows. Instead, you can just pay a single fee per show or movie. More frequent movie or TV watchers may want an Amazon Prime subscription – this comes with a whole range of benefits, not just TV streaming.

Amazon, like Netflix, produces some original content, with popular shows including Transparent, Hand of God, Man in the High Castle and Outlander. One particular perk of Amazon Prime is that you can download content to watch offline. So, if you’re flying abroad, you can still watch your favourite shows despite not having a Wi-Fi connection.

Tempted? With Amazon Prime, you can also try out a free one-month trial to see whether you like it or not.

£7.99 per month

Final verdict – both are great services with very different benefits, making them totally worth the subscription charges.