5 Reasons You Need A Kindle Cushion Stand Right Now

Want a better experience when reading your favourite novel? Discover the five key reasons you absolutely need a Kindle cushion stand right now.

5 Reasons You Need A Kindle Cushion Stand Right Now

Are you an avid Kindle reader? Regardless of whether you love horror, crime or romance novels, a Kindle cushion stand can both enhance your comfort and overall reading experience. There’s no better feeling than putting your feet up, engrossed in a good e-book while lapping up all the convenient and functional benefits these products are known for. If you’re still on the fence, here’s our quick guide to why you need a Kindle cushion stands straight away.

1. You’ll Stay Comfy

Shaped like a mini beanbag, Kindle cushion stands provide readers with ultimate comfort – it’s as simple as that. In our opinion, this is by far one of the product’s biggest benefits. Previously, readers were reliant on their hands to hold the Kindle at a comfy angle. With a cushion stand, you can position the product whichever way you’d like. Some cushions can even be put into flatter, lateral angles, so you can read your Kindle fully reclined, on your side, front or whatever position works for you.

2. You Can Use It With Other Appliances

A Kindle cushion isn’t just limited to Kindles or e-readers. Its adaptable size means that you can also use it with other electronic gadgets, like iPads and tablets, as well as traditional reading materials like books, magazines or textbooks. Not only that, they also work well as a traditional cushion, too! We’d recommend using one as a makeshift travel pillow, if you ever get the chance.

3. Your Kindle Will Stay Cool

Most Kindle cushions are made using polystyrene balls beads, which can help to prevent your Kindle from overheating. While this is more of a benefit for iPad and tablet users, it is also perfect for protecting your device during those long, marathon reading sessions.

4. …and You’ll Look Pretty Swift, Too!

Whether you’re after a plaid or polka-dotted cushion or something a touch more pastel, you’ll find that Kindle cushion stands are available in countless colours and patterns. Get one which blends in with your house’s décor or go off-piste and choose one with groovy patterns to help liven up any room! Whatever your preferences, there’s more than likely a Kindle cushion out there to suit you.

5. You Can Use Your Kindle Hands-Free

Yes, you heard it right. With a cushion stand, there’s no longer any need to constantly hold your Kindle, so you can read hands-free. This makes it far easier to multitask when reading – ideal for anyone that enjoys getting stuck into a book while doing other things at the same time, such as cooking or eating.