5 of the Best Music Making Apps for Android

Read our guide to 5 of the best music making apps for Android smartphones and learn about the basics of creating tracks from your mobile.

5 of the Best Music Making Apps for Android

Do you love music? Ever thought about making some of your own? If so, then you’ll love our guide to the best music making apps for Android smartphones. Learn about popular programs like FL Studio, Recording Studio, Real Piano, Band Labs and MixPads, giving you all the info you need to help bring your track ideas to life.

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile App-logo

FL Studio Mobile is a must-have app for any musician. It lets you create multi-track music projects on your Android smartphone. Record, sequence, edit and mix songs with the app’s high-quality synthesizers, samples, drum pads and sliced-loop beats. Experiment and add chorus, distortions, flangers, reverbs and other cool sound effects. Once you’re done, export songs to WAV or MP3 and wirelessly share projects with other app users.

Recording Studio

Recording Studio Lite App-logo

With Recording Studio, it’s easy to record, edit or mix songs using the app’s multi-touch sequencer. Go for the free version or download the paid Pro version for extra features. The free version allows you to record two tracks, while the Pro version lets you record over twenty! After you’ve learnt the basics, try recording virtual instruments like the grand piano, drums, rock organ or electric guitar. Once you’ve done, you can edit your songs with the integrated sample editor or mixer.

Real Piano

Real Piano App-logo

Beginner and experienced pianists alike will love this virtual instrument, which features a realistic grand piano sound and an 88-key built-in keyboard. Learn chords, how to read music and even play the piano with this completely free app. Choose from classical songs or jazz it up with American blues.

Whatever your style of play, Real Piano helps you create original songs and record musical masterpieces to share with family and friends through email, Facebook, SoundCloud or iTunes.


BandLab App-logo

BandLab is changing the world of music and is used by millions of musicians and music fans across the world. Access professional music creation features, listen to hot jams made by fellow musicians, publish tracks or collaborate with other like-minded users.

Whenever you need something to fuel your creative juices, enjoy a daily dose of musical inspiration with playlists designed specifically for artists. Otherwise, record and edit live music with the 12-track mix editor or network with other musicians on this music-centred social network.


MixPad App-logo

MixPads makes it simple to create epic electronic beats. Budding producers will love the 30 drum pads with original music loops, 12 creative one-shot sound pads for live performances and studio-quality sound effects, such as an LP filter, HP filter, delay and reverb. All in all, MixPads has everything you need to create awesome dance music which works just as well in the club as it does at a party.