Top 5 One-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

Make your one-year anniversary one to remember and take inspiration from our selection of gift ideas for girlfriends.

Top 5 One-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

Anniversaries are special occasions. From first kisses to firm commitments, your relationship has come a long way, so it’s important to celebrate it properly. Start off with a nice dinner, then surprise her with a present that she’ll treasure for years to come. Deciding what to get can be tricky, though – should you go for a humorous present or something a little more serious? To help inspire you, we’ve compiled this list of one-year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriends.

1) Paper Gifts

woman unrolling a scroll on a blue surface

By popular traditions, one-year anniversary gifts should be made from paper. If you want to give her a really thoughtful present, then consider getting her a diary so she can record memorable moments from the next year of your relationship. You could also give her a book, if she’s a bit of a bookworm, or a sketchpad if she’s an arty type. Whatever you choose, make sure to jot down a personal message so she’ll always remember the occasion.

2) Photo Frames

colored wood photo frames

A photo frame with a picture of your favourite moment from year one makes for a great anniversary gift. Try to find one from the early stages of your relationship, so you can remember where you started, or one from more recent times on which you’ll always look back on and smile.

Alternatively, if she enjoys getting her photo taken (remember – not everyone does), you could even arrange to have professional shots taken. This will help to guarantee that she’ll have a quality photo to put in a frame and position somewhere nice, like her desk, nightstand or living room.

3) Keyrings

Heart-shaped keychain on a white surface near a white and pink rose

Getting your girlfriend a keyring is a sure-fire way to her heart. Try to go for one with a romantic theme or colours, that way she’ll think of you whenever she so much as opens the door to her home. These gifts can always take on a deeper, more romantic meaning, though. If you’re ready to make the next step, you could attach a set of your keys to the ring and ask if she’d like to move in with you.

comprigo disclaimer: make sure you’ve really given some thought to this idea before surprising her with such a proposal - we accept no liability for a disappointing answer.

4) Massages

massage therapist presses her hands on the back of a woman lying on a massage table

Massages are an intimate and relaxing one-year anniversary present. You could learn how to give her one yourself (this will always be the cheaper option), hire a personal masseuse, or buy an electric foot or back massager. Regardless of what you choose, a massage is the perfect way to let go of everything and unwind for a few truly blissful hours.

5) Champagne

couple toasting on a beach with champagne

One-year anniversaries are certainly occasions worth celebrating – what better way to do so than with a glass of bubbly? Champagne can easily be integrated into any romantic evening. Toast your relationship while picnicking on strawberries at a local park, enjoy a glass while watching the sunset or sip one leisurely before eating a candlelit dinner at home. Or take it one step further and get her a set of champagne flutes to enjoy the bottle, too. As well as being a fine addition to her glass cupboard, it’ll serve as a nice memento of the night for you both to remember.