Best Products for a Great Home Workout

Forget the expensive gym membership with this great workout and easy-to-store products.

Best Products for a Great Home Workout

Joining a local gym can be both expensive and time-consuming. If your day is already busy, you might not have time to spend over an hour at the gym every night. The good news is, you need neither a gym membership to stay in shape nor do you need to go running for an hour each night. 

If you’ve always been afraid of fitness studios or just don’t have enough time or money to sign up in one, this is the article for you. We gathered a list of cheap products designed to help you get in a quick and good workout without leaving your home. They are also all very transportable,so you can take them with you if you are traveling out of town or going on vacation.

Why Work Out? 

The benefits of working out go way beyond losing weight or looking good for the summer. Working out has been proven to boost happiness and energy levels as well as reduce risks of heart disease. Some other effects include improved sleep quality, self-confidence, and even memory.

Once you’ve purchased some of the products, why not start out with our special comprigo workout:

  • 1 minute jump rope

  • 10 kettlebell swings

  • 10 push ups

  • 10 exercise ball crunches

  • 10 lunges (while holding dumbbells)

Repeat 3 to 5 times and add in 5 pull-ups to each round if you feel it’s too easy.

Although it might seem like a no-brainer, many people ignore the health benefits of skipping rope. You’d actually burn more calories skipping rope for 10 minutes than cycling for 20. If you’re looking to get some good cardio in, try two sessions of 10 minutes a day. That’s over 200 calories burned a day. Do that fives times a week and you’ll be burning more than a 1000 calories, just with 20 minutes of exercise a day.

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

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If you feel your body might be getting out a shape or are experiencing unusual pains while lifting weights, you might want to consider using resistance bands to train. Resistance bands help increase your flexibility and range of motion when performing exercises. They are really easy to transport and add great variety to your workouts. If you aren’t already sold, what if I told you that Tom Brady, 3 time NFL MVP and 5 time Superbowl champion, completely ditched the weight room and replaced it with band resistance training. Interested now?

A pull-up bar uses leverage to hold against the doorway, so you don’t have to worry about screws and damaging your door while setting it up. A great way to use it is to set it above your bedroom door and do 5 pull-ups every time you go in or out of your room. 

While pull-ups are an amazing exercise for your upper body and core strength, they aren’t the easiest exercise to do. But don’t worry, this bar can also be set on the ground to help you do dips, push-ups, and even crunches.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells

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A set of dumbbells is great to have. They are much smaller than a long bar and you can do almost every free weight exercise you will find in the gym at home. With these adjustable dumbbells, you won’t lose any time switching the weight during your workout.

You can use this item to train your core while also working on your balance. An exercise ball also helps improve your posture which can be a great way to get rid of back pains. Try using it as a replacement for a desk chair while at work or writing an essay. This exercise ball is delivered with a pump so you can deflate it and take it anywhere you go for a quick workout.

If you’re looking to burn fat while improving your muscle tone, a couple of kettlebell exercises just might do the trick. Compound whole body movements are far superior to muscle isolation training when it comes to building strength and burning fat. Kettlebells will also make your joints, tendons, and ligaments stronger which helps prevent injuries.

Don’t forget to stretch once you’re done with your workout. Foam rolling is a great way to get rid of muscle soreness. Using a foam roller at the start and at the end of your workout for just 5 minutes will help you prevent injuries, get your body warmed up and increase your flexibility as well as your range of joint motion.

Now it’s time to try the comprigo workout!