Anyone striving for beautiful, smooth summer legs will find themselves standing in the drugstore in front of rows and rows of products. Some with six blades, with cushions, foaming, with integrated body lotion, extra sensitive or disposable: the selection of wet razors on the market is huge. But which ones glide over your skin the best? Which ones give your legs a smooth feeling after the first use? Is the handle comfortable? Which razor adapts perfectly to curves? We tested the new models and answered some common questions, just for you.

Do I need shaving cream?

Absolutely. Shaving cream ensures that the razor glides gently over your skin, protecting it against irritation. Don't have any shaving gel on hand? Hair conditioner will do in a pinch.

Should (or can) I shave intimate areas with a wet razor?

Wet shaving is surely one of the most popular methods of hair removal. If you do opt for wet shaving in intimate areas, you should definitely use shaving gel or foam. This will make the hair softer and smoother, allowing the blade to glide easier. If the hair is long, it’s best to shorten it to 4 to 6 millimetres before shaving so the blade does not become clogged. It's easiest to do this with nail scissors. Important: Always shave in the shower under low-pressure, running water.

How often should I change the blade?

You should change the blade after 5 to 10 uses. If blades are used more often than this they can become susceptible to bacteria growth, which can lead to irritation or infection.

Can I injure myself when shaving?

Only if you accidentally position the blade at the wrong angle. If this happens, a moistened alum stone can help. This mineral stone stops bleeding quickly. Afterwards, shave as much as possible around the cut and apply lotion.

Do I have to use a women’s razor?

Not necessarily, but the razor heads on women's razors are usually oval-shaped, which makes it easier to shave over curves and hard-to-reach places. The handles are often non-slip so they won’t slide out of your hand, even in the shower. Also: please don’t share your razor with your loved ones; the bacteria on the razor can be transferred to your skin. This makes you more susceptible to warts, bacteria and fungi.

Can I keep the shaver in the shower?

It's better not to. The razor can’t dry well in a humid environment. A dry razor is less likely to have bacterial growth.

How should I treat my skin afterwards?

Rinsing off with cold water in the shower is a good idea; this helps close pores. A mild lotion or cream with aloe vera can also be soothing. Baby powder is also a good solution for irritated skin.

What if I constantly get razor bumps?

Razor bumps can be the result of bacterial infections. They form very fast in intimate areas because the humidity of that area allows bacteria to grow faster. It’s very important to remember to use a sharp blade. Even a slightly dull blade won’t cut cleanly, can pull on your hair and can hurt your skin. Ingrown hairs can also be the cause of razor bumps and pimples. Use an exfoliator before shaving from time to time; this can help prevent ingrown hairs.

Shave-Lab Seis Body Razor

Shave-Lab Seis Body Razor

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Number of Blades: 6

Special Features: The razor can be assembled with several blades.

Handle: High-quality and ergonomic. It’s weight and form make it easy to handle, even when wet. The handle is thick so the blade doesn’t touch the surface when lying down, which keeps it clean. 

Flexibility: Simple but quality blade head, not too wide and clunky, so you can reach anywhere.

Test Results: Shaves well, even without shaving cream and only with water.

Replacement Blades: Included with 4 replacement blades

Conclusion: A luxury razor which appeals to the eye and lasts long. Loses points for the high price.

Rating: Good

Wilkinson Intuition Sensitive Care

Wilkinson Intuition Sensitive Care

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Number of Blades: 4

Special Features: Integrated soap strip that foams when shaving, which saves on shaving cream. Has a pleasant floral fragrance.

Handle: Very thick, not great for small hands, can be a bit difficult to hold. One positive thing is the large rubber coating, which is also slip-resistant underwater (though hair does stick to the coating).

Flexibility: The soap block is not good for shaving intimate areas, but perfect for shaving legs. You have to put the razor back in the case when you aren't using it; otherwise, soap could get everywhere.

Test Results: Glides like a cloud and leaves your skin wonderfully smooth, even on the first use.

Replacement Blades: Included with 3 replacement blades

Conclusion: This razor is good for people who want a sturdy razor, but it's just too clunky for your toiletry bag while travelling.

Rating: Satisfactory

Gillette Venus Swirl

Gillette Venus Swirl

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Number of Blades: 5

Special Features: Has a flexible ball-shaped joint (called the FlexiBall) that allows the razor head to turn in all directions.

Handle: Good stable grip, but the rubber coating is no longer slip-proof when wet. The blade head is large but rounded, so you can shave curved areas well. It has to be laid down properly when wet; otherwise the moisture strip on the blade may stick to your shower tiles or organiser.

Flexibility: The joint isn’t really flexible; only the handle turns to the right and left, which doesn’t help much with shaving.

Test Results: An integrated moisture strip on the blade releases a shaving serum when used. The skin immediately feels smooth after a single use. The blades are nice and sharp, so they don't scratch your skin.

Replacement BladesIncluded with 3 replacement blades

Conclusion: Very good blades, gentle on the skin. However, the FlexiBall doesn’t really fulfil its purpose. Another minus: The replacement blades are very expensive.

Rating: Satisfactory

Nivea Smooth Shave Razor

Nivea Smooth Shave Razor

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Number of Blades: 5

Special Features: Movable razor head, pleasant Nivea cream scent.

Handle: Comfortably light; the rubber coating is useful for under the shower. Fits nicely in your hand.

Flexibility: The head is fully movable in all directions and the blade is a nice size. Ideal for use on all corners and curves, so you can reach anywhere.

Test Results: Shaves well even without foam thanks to a built-in strip which delivers a nourishing serum when shaving.

Replacement Blades: Included with one replacement blade

Conclusion: Has a nice fragrance, which is lovely in the shower in the morning. No unnecessary bells and whistles - as little plastic as possible and only as much as necessary.

Rating: Excellent

Gillette Venus Embrace Snap

Gillette Venus Embrace Snap

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Number of Blades: 5

Special Features: Has a pretty travel case where you can safely store your razor well-protected from contamination.

Handle: Somewhat slippery when wet, but you can still hold it well thanks to the small soft notch for your thumb and index finger. You don’t need more grip than that.

Flexibility: The mini handle makes shaving very flexible - so it's good for your bikini line, which is important when summer holidays are coming up.

Test Results: The large blade, combined with a water-activated care strip, shaves smoothly.

Blades: Included with 5 replacement blades

Conclusion: The best holiday companion, handy and very pretty with a great case to pack in your suitcase or purse.

Rating: Excellent

Balea Rasierer Fantastique Pocket

Balea Rasierer Fantastique Pocket

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Number of Blades: 5

Special Features: Small size and anti-slip handle.

Handle: Does what it promises and can be used in the shower well.

Flexibility: The flexible head should follow the contours of the body perfectly, but it falls off quickly or locks in if you bend it strongly. Then it becomes rigid. It’s a bit awkward to handle with wet hands in the shower.

Test Results: Has a nice creamy moisturiser to care for your skin. It really saves shaving cream at the beginning, but the strip crumbles after the first shave. Doesn’t shave really smoothly and scratches your skin unpleasantly.

Replacement Blades: None included

Conclusion: Nice for travelling. But not very convincing when shaving.

Rating: Adequate