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Join Melia Rewards!

Join Melia Rewards!

As a Melia Rewards Member you are collecting more than just points. Melias one of a kind service offers perks and rewards for their members and make sure you'll be given the royal treatment - no matter where you're going!

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Manchester to London only £15

Manchester to London only £15

DEAL EXPIRED: Book early and save with this amazing deal. Travel from Manchester to London by train for only £15 one way when you book in advance and save £61.30 compared to the price if you buy the day you travel. With traveling time as little as 2 hours 20 minutes this deal is great for a quick day trip to see the sights and visit the queen. Of course, with savings this amazing you can afford to take the whole family and stay for a whole vacation! Travel hassle free by train at amazing prices you wouldn't even afford a parking space with if you took the car.

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Top Deal Doha Special Offers at Qatar Airways

Doha Special Offers at Qatar Airways

Don't miss an opportunity to visit Doha, a capital city with a view, offering quite a few attractions for travelers staying there for few days or for business or pleasure. From watersports, sandy beaches, fishing, golfing, horse racing, camel racing, you name it, there is so much to do in Doha to suit everyone's interest. Fly to Doha with Qatar Airways and save big with the special offers. Click through this link to get started.

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Save up to 50% onboard!

Save up to 50% onboard!

Stena Line believe in great value, and when you shop onboard with us you’ll find savings of up to 50% off high street prices. With a wide range of products on offer from fragrances and confectionery to electronics and gifts there really is something for everybody to enjoy.

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Top Deal Last minute package deals

Last minute package deals

Five star hotel in Dubai, close to the beach - savings: 600£! Browse through all  last minute package deals on Expedia and find that special offer with a flight and the hotel you deserve. Travel to exotic destinations or famous cities all over the world such as the Middle East or North America.  Alone, with your partner or a trip with the whole family. Keep track with the latest last package deals and discover new destinations with Expedia.

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Top Deal Business Travellers: Save up to 30%

Business Travellers: Save up to 30%

Your registration will pay off – whether employee, freelancer or small entrepreneur, everyone gets this exclusive negotiated rate for business travellers. Up to 30% savings on travel expenses, privately and on business. Free cancellation until 6 pm in many hotels. Free additional services in many hotels (e.g. WLAN, free parking). 24/7 customer service. Save smart now with 30% business discount. All you have to do is register and you will be on your way to redeeming the 30% off. Do not let this chance slip through your fingers.

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