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In 1989 two brothers, engineers Tony and Terry Pearce, went fly fishing in the Rockies and talked about partnering up to change the world. Tony’s 13 years of experience in advanced aerospace materials, and Terry’s 20 years of experience in manufacturing, design, and project management led to a partnership creating high-tech carbon fibre sporting goods and wheelchairs. Three years ago, the Pearces set out to combine all their knowledge of cushioning into the world’s best mattress. Today, they’re delivering that mattress.

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The New Purple Mattress

The most comfortable mattress science has to offer. Redesigned from the ground up for mind-blowing, personalized comfort.

The Purple® Pillow

Goodbye neck pain and hot, sweaty nights. Hello Purple® Pillow: the world’s first bed for your head.

Bamboo-Based Ultra-Stretchy Sheets

Click here to get the World’s first bamboo-based, ultra-Stretchy Sheets.

The Purple® Pet Bed

Replace that lumpy, ugly, smelly chew toy of a cushion with a bed your pet will actually want to sleep on.

Purple Seat Cushion

The Purple Seat Cushion Is SavingSad Butts Everywhere!