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Trainline is the world’s leading independent rail platform. Trainline asserts the power accredited to train travel. Train travel is definitely the better option for the environment, it’s good for productivity, and it’s good for the economy. Trainline's mission is to enable people to be able to travel by train easier and it aims at establishing a global rail platform that economizes their customers' money, time, and hassle. They bring information from 86 train companies together onto one platform and help their clients find the best choice of fares, routes, and times. 

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Book a theatre break with Trainline and add an attraction, meal or travel to your hotel and show package.

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Use the Trainline journey planner to organise a smooth and easy holiday today!

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Up to 33% On National Railcards

Save up to 33% with national railcards

Cheap Train Tickets

Travel from Leeds to London's King's Cross and save £82.20, or from Manchester to London Euston and save £60.60.

Travel to Europe by Coach

London to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam from £14! Comfortable seats and free Wifi on board every coach!

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Rates start from £31! Book your InterRail pass at trainline and start your very own European Adventure today!

Save 43% with Early Booking

Trainline is a smarter way to book business rail travel.

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Travel from more than 1,000 stations with just your smartphone and also get notified when cheap tickets are released. Set up a ticket alert

Save with Deals & Offers Page

Go through this link and save with deals and offers page.

Find Cheap Tickets with Best Fare Finder

Go through this link to find cheap tickets with best fare finder.

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Manchester to London for £23

Click here to book Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston for only £23.

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Find, book and pay for your tickets in less time than it takes for you to lose your patience on an ordinary website. According to our calculations, that’s about 58 seconds.


  • Trainline believes in the power of train travel: it’s better for the environment, lets you be more productive and is also better for the economy.
  • Trainline’s mission: to make train travel easier, to build a global rail platform that saves their customers time, hassle and money
  • When booking in advance, you save an average of 43%. With our Trainline coupons and vouchers, you may save even more.
  • Approx. 70% of all UK journeys either start or finish in London. It’s no surprise that London's Waterloo station is one of the busiest stations in the UK, as 100 million people travel through it every year, closely followed by Victoria and Liverpool Street. Outside of London, Glasgow station is the most well-used station outside of London.
  • Every day, 3.5 million passengers in the UK travel by train, making it one of the busiest railways in Europe.
  • Britain’s longest Railway Tunnel, apart from the Channel Tunnel, of course, in the Severn Tunnel, connecting South Gloucestershire with Monmouthshire. On foot, it would take you two hours to travel through the tunnel (although obviously we don’t recommend trying this)
  • Trainline offers you information from 86 companies and help you find the best choice of routes, time and fares. Our Trainline offers help you use this information to make the best purchase.


Booking Fees: 

→ Mobile App: 
When booking with an Android or iOS Device / Mobile Website: If you are booking your ticket on the day of travel, no booking fee will be charged. If you are booking in advance then a fixed fee structure applies:

  • For sales up to £25 a booking fee of £0.25 will apply
  • For sales from £25.01 to £50.00, a booking fee of £0.50 will apply
  • For sales from £50.01 up to £100.00 a booking fee of £1.00 will apply 
  • For sales from £100.01 and up a booking fee of £1.50 will apply

Booking with any other mobile device: A Booking Fee of £1 applies to each transaction. 

→ Website: 

When you’re booking via the Trainline Website, a fixed fee structure applies

  • For sales up to £35.00, a booking fee of £0.75 will apply
  • For sales from £35.01, a booking fee of £1.50 will apply

The booking fee will be confirmed throughout your purchase and on the payment page. This will also be on your confirmation email, so you’ve got all the information handy by your side.